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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I book a course?

Call us on 07792 123475 or e-mail us TODAY!!!

How much will it cost?

Contact us on 07792 123475 as sometimes we do have special rates on all areas of our courses delivered.

Where would I attend the training or qualification courses?

Workplace and offsite, you can either attend at any of our designated centres or we can deliver at your place of work in - house.

What support will I receive?

You will receive all the individual support and encouragement from both assessors and tutors.  We can use  diverse methods of teaching, training and assessment.  We will give 1-1 support if needed

What methods of assessment can I use for my qualification ?

This will be discussed and agreed with both yourself and your assessor inline with standard guidelines, but as a guide we carry out holistic observation (assessment of performance) and assessment of diverse evidence (work product, candidate explanations, accredited prior learning, oral/written questions and answers, written statements and professional discussions plus more.

Are you flexible? I do shifts and weekends?

Yes, we promote equal opportunities and fair access to learning. We will visit weekdays and at weekends or if you do night shifts in the evenings.

Do you offer additional training to support my learning?

Yes we do, we can offer extra knowledge training depending on need. We can support you with various different learning styles and resources to meet your individual learning needs.

How do you run the training sessions

We deliver training sessions that are fun, encourage participation and meet the stated objectives.

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