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Consultancy, Audit, Mentoring and Coaching

Care Sector Consultancy

We can deliver an independent quality consultancy service for both adult and children's services including Regulation 26 (adults) and regulation 33/34 (children) monthly reports, in line with the National Minimum Care Standard (NMCS) requirement, and the Quality Care Commission (CQC).

We can support you with putting in place and revising policies and procedures, putting in place systems of work and thee relevant paperwork that is auditable and complies with CQC, OFSTED and NMCS requirements.

Care Sector Audits

We produce and deliver a quality monitoring service, including a bespoke audit tool for the individual service.  This can be delivered a number of ways e.g.: monthly, quarterly or annually.

This service falls in line with:

  • Domiciliary care – CSCI/CQC
  • Older people -  CSCI/CQC
  • Younger adults – CSCI/CQC
  • Children’s services – OFSTED
  • National Minimum Care Standards - NMCS

Care Sector Mentoring and Coaching Services

Training, giving guidance and mentoring to both Adult and Children’s services to Managers, Deputies, seniors and any other relevant staff who have responsibilities for services being offered.


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